11 Wedding Ideas You've Never Heard Before (Really)

When it comes to weddings, sometimes it can feel like "been there, done that." It's tough to be truly innovative in a world that is largely traditional and stuck in its ways. A white dress, a touch of somesthing blue, and plenty of flowers, and voilá—you have a wedding, right? Not so fast!

We caught up with Style Me Pretty founder and editor Abby Larson, who shared with us the most unique and creative wedding ideas she's ever seen. And she should knowher site is one of the utmost authorities in the field, and she's seen hundreds, if not thousands, of weddings over the years.

Keep scrolling for Abby Larson's 11 most creative and unique wedding ideas ever!

Forego the traditional cake.


Sandoval Studio Photography

"We've seen a cheese wheel cake, we've seen a cake made entirely of Rice Krispy Treats, or donuts, or Oreo cookies, but the one common thread among all these whimsical cakes? They bring a smile to people's faces."

Entertain your guests with watercolor.


Greg Finck

"Have a watercolor artist set up in your reception space and paint the evening as it unfolds. Guests will love this quiet, elegant form of entertainment, and they just might see themselves come to painterly life."

Surprise weddings.


Ely Fair Photography

"Sometimes, the best weddings are those that the guests had no idea was coming. Turn a casual get-together like a shower or a backyard barbeque into a wedding, and bypass all that wedding day stress and chaos."

No phones allowed.


Liz Maryann Photography

"Have your guests ditch the phone so that they can be really present, and so you have a sense of control over the photos hitting social media."

Serve pre-game cocktails.



"To guests who are anxious to dive into the fun, a ceremony cocktail might be just the ticket—something sweet and subtle, so they can sip while listening to all the love unfold."

Eye-catching ceiling décor.


Jen And Jonah

"Ceiling decor isn't limited to chandeliers. Go crazy and all-out adorable with a ton of paper poms and tassels."

Unique backdrops.


Heidi Geldhauser & Our Labor Of Love

"You can make a statement with just about anything if used en masse. From coffee filters threaded on some fishing wire, to cut-out circles, feathers, even colorful straws or pretty, colored bottles—when used in bulk, they can make a huge visual impact."

Boutonnière bars.


Jodi Miller Photography

"Think about putting your floral budget to something a little more hands-on, like a flower stand. You might have your guests receive a small takeaway bouquet in lieu of a traditional favor, or you might go for a boutonnière bar for the guys—whatever your pleasure."

Hire a mixologist.


John And Lindsey Bamber

"Liven up your cocktail hour up with a mixologist who can make your guests signature cocktails. Provide little notes so that the guests can scribble down the recipe to take as a keepsake as well."

Have fun with food.


Style Me Pretty Living

"Ditch the traditional surf and turf and go for fun food that your guests will really love. Whether it's a great food truck with California-inspired tacos, or chicken and waffles served family style, have a little fun with your menu."

Touches of lucite.


Jose Villa Photography

"I love seeing custom-cut lucite in cool ways to add a touch of modern to an otherwise traditional style. Whether you use it to house your bow-and-arrow escort cards, or as chargers with a love note written on them, lucite is definitely in."

What are some of your favorite unique wedding ideas? Tell us in the comments below!