19 Vintage-Inspired Holiday Dresses I'm Losing It Over

The holiday season is quickly approaching, and with all those events landing on your calendar, you'll want to make sure you have plenty of festive looks picked out. To ensure that your dress will still be just as relevant in six months as it is now, your best bet is to shop for a vintage-inspired holiday dress. After all, the best retro styles always come back around at some point, given fashion's cyclical nature.

Just take one look at the dress styles of the moment and you'll immediately notice the influence of two decades in particular. Bold jewel tones, strong shoulders, and gathered waistlines point to '80s maximalism, while thin straps and satin slip dresses are iconic of the '90s. Ready to start shopping? Whether you're looking to make an investment or simply shopping for the holiday season, we've done the legwork and found 19 vintage-inspired holiday dresses that'll never go out of style.

…and anything zebra print, for that matter.

Calling all minalists—this is the perfect '90s-inspired slip.

We have a feeling Kate Moss would wear something like this.

These delicate florals are a subtle reference to vintage prairie dresses.

It doesn't get more '80s than this.

It girls are already wearing this party dress on Instagram.

Fans of nineties fashion will lose it over this sleek number.

Now you're really ready for the holiday season ahead.