These Pies Are 100% Vegan and 100% Incredibly Delicious

As a plant-based eater, one of my biggest pet peeves is when people confuse vegans for people who only ingest kale and kombucha. Sure, vegans tend to be more mindful of their health than the average American eater, but personally, I'm vegan mostly for the planet and the animals, so I'm not trying to eat salads for every meal. Vegans crave delicious, sugary, fatty foods on occasion, just like everyone else. Believe it or not, vegans crave pie.

Pie is an American classic, but as it turns out, it doesn't require classic ingredients like eggs and butter. As the community of creative vegan food bloggers grows, more and more plant-based alternatives to your favorite pies (think sweet potato, apple, blueberry, chocolate, and more) become easily accessible. Looking for vegan pie recipes that will impress even your most dairy-obsessed friends? Keep scrolling for 10 of the internet's best. 

Blueberry Pie

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This is vegan baker Mei Yee's favorite easy blueberry pie recipe, which involves just six ingredients for the crust and five for the filling and comes out delicious every time, even if you don't possess Yee's enviable lattice artistry.

"Banoffee Pie" 

My personal favorite vegan blog, Hot for Food, offers a take on the trendy banana-coffee "banoffee pie," involving a crisp and sweet oat-flour crust, tons of bananas, a creamy toffee filling, and a coconut cream topping. Its creator, Lauren Toyota, warns that the recipe is highly addictive, so bake at your own risk.

Purple Sweet Potato Pie

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Purple sweet potatoes are the star ingredient in this pie creation by healthy-recipe blogger Joscelyn Abreu, who promises it tastes as enchanting as it looks (full recipe here).

Traditional Sweet Potato Pie

For a more traditional take on sweet potato pie (think Grandma's recipe but make it ethical), leave it to vegan food influencer Jenné Claiborne of the aptly named blog Sweet Potato Soul. Her recipe uses both puréed sweet potato and puréed butternut squash to make the filling nice and firm.

Apple Pie

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Plant-based baker Tiina Strandberg lends her take on a timeless apple pie but without any of the eggs or dairy. Want something less tradish? Try making her mouthwatering caramel apple pie smoothie for a unique spin on a classic.

Pecan Pie

Flax, coconut sugar, and brown rice syrup are some of the ingredients that make this vegan version of traditional pecan pie a little healthier and better for the planet. This recipe comes from iconic vegan blogger The Edgy Veg, who's famous for making carnivore-approved vegan recipes to impress all your non-vegan friends and fam.

Tropical Fruit and Rum Pie

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This unique pie was inspired by one that San Francisco recipe fiend Rezel Kealoha saw on The Great British Bake Off and decided to adapt for vegans. Dried pineapple and mango, spiced rum, pitted dates, and coconut sugar make up its sumptuous islandy filling (full recipe here).

Chocolate Pie

Vegan and chocoholic are often overlapping demographics, and this chocolate pie recipe from Buzzfeed's Tasty channel proves you don't have to give up decadently naughty desserts when you decide to go dairy-free.

Peach Pie

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The latticework on this peach and apple pie may be complex, but the recipe is shockingly easy (literally nine simple ingredients for both the filling and the crust combined). Vegan Instagrammer @vegan_changemaker was kind enough to include the full recipe in her caption.

Key Lime Pie

Gaz Oakley of Avante-Garde Vegan always comes up with the most creative plant-based alternatives to carnivorous and dairy-packed dishes, and this key lime creation topped with meringue is no exception. You can easily make it gluten-free, too. Watch the video to see how.

Next up: your guide to a delicious vegan Thanksgiving.


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