U Beauty's New Face Oil Is the Warm, Cozy Blanket Parched Winter Skin Needs


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As a longtime U Beauty fan, today is an exciting day! The brand doesn’t bless us with new releases often, but when it does, you know it’s going to be good. To complete your full U Beauty regimen, the brand just launched The Super Intensive Face Oil today, a lush oil-hydrator hybrid that will make you say, "Ooh,” as soon as you dab a bit of it on. This one’s aimed at folks like me who seem to have perpetually dehydrated skin.

It also has powerful skin-calming ingredients and utilizes U Beauty’s revolutionary Siren Capsule Technology, which founder Tina Craig explains a bit more about. "Siren Capsule Technology is our double patent-pending delivery system that sends active ingredients to the skin where they need to go,” Craig explains. "The Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology just published this white paper study on our Siren Capsule Technology, classifying it as a results-oriented breakthrough in the effective delivery of active ingredients to the skin. More granularly, a Siren capsule's molecular structure mimics your healthy-looking skin and possesses a natural attraction to free radicals. This chemical affinity enables effortless absorption and transport of encapsulated ingredients to areas visibly stressed by free radical accumulation. [It] instinctively navigates through the targeted neutralization of free radicals at these sites, enabling a personalized release of ingredients where their benefits are needed the most and ensures that even lower concentrations achieve better, more transformative-looking results, without disrupting the skin's natural balance or causing irritation.”


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So, yeah, these products are not only results-driven but also highly intelligent. I can get on board with that. "I call The Super Intensive Face Oil the U Beauty 'skinfluencer,'" Craig shares. "Mimicking the skin’s natural composition, it teaches and influences your skin to optimize its own natural lipid layer. A highly anticipated follow-up to our bestselling Super Hydrator, The [it] brings the same hydrating power you know and love to a slick, silky, sexy new formula—one that's unlike any face oil you've ever tried. A groundbreaking oil-hydrator hybrid, it has a luxuriously gel-like consistency, thanks to a futuristic formula that instantly melts into the skin without a hint of heaviness or greasiness. The Super Oil helps skin maintain a high-level moisture barrier while addressing signs of age, stress, fatigue, and the visible effects of oxidative damage. Intensely concentrated yet ultra-gentle, it ensures extremely dry skin is quenched in even the driest of climates, while elasticity, smoothness, and plumpness visibly rebound. The result is healthier, firmer-looking skin with exceptional multilayer hydration and an otherworldly glow and visible bounce.”

Now, let's get into the star ingredients. For starters, it contains a telomerase complex. According to Craig, telomere length is a notorious biomarker for cell fate and it shortens with age. This complex is a key ingredient that visibly reduces signs of aging and supports the skin’s natural renewal process. Astaxanthin, a highly potent antioxidant, is also present in the formula, maximizing skin hydration and firmness (it’s also what gives the formula its gorgeous apricot hue). A senolytic molecule in it helps further diminish the visible effects of damage-causing stagnant cells to refresh and revitalize aged-looking skin. Lastly, peptides encourage the glow of hydration between skin layers and optimize the skin’s natural collagen and elasticity.


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I can also confirm that what Craig says about this multitasker's abilities is true. I had the pleasure of giving this formula a spin for myself for a week before launch and it instantly made my dehydrated skin feel so soft, quenched, and supple. A major win! If you’re also acne-prone like me, don’t worry—Craig also informed me that this formula is noncomedogenic, meaning it won’t clog pores. It almost feels like a thicker gel when you first pump it out, but it applies so smoothly and sinks into the skin so quickly. It’s a new favorite of mine and will be a staple during the winter months from now on. It even makes my list of top three favorite facial oils, ever. When you’re prone to breakouts like me, you know that’s saying something! 

Yes, that price tag is a bit hefty, but I speak often about luxury skincare and which brands I think are truly worth it. I don’t mind paying a higher price as long as it actually delivers on its claims and features revolutionary technology that’s unique to the market. U Beauty is one of those brands. Not only does its products deliver, but Craig herself is incredibly dedicated and passionate about the brand—something I always look for in a founder. She genuinely loves and believes in her products so much that I know anything she and her team create next will be a guaranteed favorite. Give this one a go! I honestly don’t think you’ll regret it. Now that I’ve fully waxed poetic about this new launch, take a peek at my other U Beauty favorites below.

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