The Best Tomboy-Chic Outfit Ideas From Pinterest

The menswear-inspired trend is nothing new; in fact, it's certainly one of the most resilient trends in women's wear throughout the years. Boyfriend jeans, athleisure wear, pantsuits, crisp white button-downs: they all take their cues from the other side of the gender aisle, and they are still going as strong as ever.

If you ever identified as a "tomboy" growing up (or even now), then this fact likely comes as no surprise to you. You've been on the gender-bending fashion train for as long as you can remember, so why shouldn't the rest of the world catch on eventually? In honor of all the tomboys out there, we recently did a little Pinterest search to get some inspo—and we found some incredibly chic looks we can't wait to try.

Keep scrolling to see some of our favorite tomboy-chic outfits du jour!

Would you describe your style as tomboy-inspired? Or are you more into girly-girl looks? Tell us in the comments below!

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