All the 2021 Trends That Will Age Really Well

There's nothing we love more than a strong assortment of trends here at Who What Wear, but what we love even more are trends that have longevity. Some trends truly come and go, but others originate as a trend and end up sticking around for the long haul. In other words, they age really well. Since it feels as though this year has flown by (just me?), I went through and listed all the 2021 trends that we are confident will age well over the course of this year and beyond. 

The below assortment of 2021 trends we're predicting will become timeless staples is guaranteed to enhance your wardrobe and make you feel like you are buying into something that, for once, isn't fleeting. Could you ask for a better dynamic? I think not. 



Relaxed suiting started trending before the pandemic, and now, it officially feels more relevant than ever. Slightly oversize and slouchy tailored separates will make for a comfortable yet polished look now and forever. 



The S/S 21 collections displayed more mini hemlines than any season yet. From micro miniskirts to festive minidresses, the more leg the better. Come fall, short hemlines will be trending just as hard, which tells us the longevity of exposed limbs is inevitable. 



Strappy sandals will always be a thing, but this year, ones with tricky and more complicated placements have taken the cake. We imagined this trend fizzling out, but what we've noticed is that basic straps are feeling more like a thing of the past, and interesting ones like the below are the newest "trendy" basic that will be sticking around, without a doubt. 



If you ask me, open-back dresses were never not trending. They just more recently stepped into the limelight. The key is to look for silhouettes that read more timeless but still have that wow factor thanks to the exposed back. 

After over a year of sweatpants and leggings, the thought of wearing tight denim ever again feels scary. With that in mind, looser, more relaxed denim seems to have no end in sight, and honestly, thank goodness. 

Pairing knee-high boots with bare legs has been a popular styling technique this entire year, and the F/W 21 collections proved that look is going absolutely nowhere. The boots this time around read sleeker than fully slouchy, so keep that in mind as you shop for your perfect pair. 



Just because button-downs are a wardrobe staple doesn't mean they have to be boring. This year, colorful versions started trending, and we hope it's a movement that never tires.