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Hey there—yes, you in those yoga pants. Can we have a sec? Allow us to introduce you to THE/THIRTY, a wellness community and content destination fueled by real conversation. Consider us your new go-to source for all things healthful and mindful—hold the granola.

We're here to take a no-nonsense approach to healthy living by exploring diet, fitness, mindfulness, self-care, health, and much more. We believe that it takes just 21 days to form a habit and 30 days to form a lifestyle. Come to us for industry expertise, advice you'll actually use, and expert recs—we're here to meet you on your health journey, wherever it may be. For us, it's not about extreme exercise, the "perfect body," or dieting. It's about sweat equity, strength, and feeling good about yourself (however you define "good"). We know that wellness isn't a finite goal or competitive hobby—it's a journey and a pursuit of self-fulfillment. We're shifting away from seeking "perfection." Instead, our goal is to inspire our community to personalize wellness into their own routines by prioritizing mental well-being and holistic self-care.

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Eat. So you had one too many margaritas. We're not here to judge—but we will be here with an açaí bowl in hand, ready to tell you everything you should eat to beat your hangover. From superfoods to smoothie bowls to herbal dusts, we'll tackle the latest and greatest in the diet world to share what really works (and what doesn't).

Think. Breathe in; breathe out. We believe meditation deserves a place in your wellness journey as much cardio. From the latest sleep app you should try to the stress-relief methods you've never heard of, we'll explore what it means to live well, with mindful intention.

Style. Like it or not, life happens in yoga pants. We know that style permeates all avenues of your life, and your workout routine is no exception. We're bringing you the trends, brands, and news you need to ensure you're always killing it with your workout wardrobe.

Sweat. It's not exercise; it's sweat equity. We'll give it to you straight and tell you the fitness fads that are worth trying, the easiest routines to slip into a busy workday, and expert tips from top trainers you'll actually use.

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