The Summer Bag Trend We're Wearing Straight Through Fall


(Image credit: @loefflerrandall)

As we’re looking forward to fall, there are some summer trends we’re just not quite ready to leave behind yet. Lucky for us, some of our favorite designers are standing strong with us on one of those big trends, continuing to produce stylish net bags that we can continue carrying for months to come. It’s so simple that it’s quite stunning, bringing that understated, casual elegance to all of our elevated wardrobes this season.

Whether it’s the classic grocery-style netting, bucket bag shapes from Staud, styles with zip clutches inside from Loeffler Randall, or even a net bag from Free People that’s woven from leather itself, there are so many new net bag styles to choose from that choosing where to start was a challenge. With a look for every style (and at every budget!), we can’t quite get enough of this street style favorite, though, so let’s just dive right in.

What are you waiting for? It's time to jump on the summer trend you can carry straight through fall.

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