The Unexpected (and Affordable) Place to Find Summer's It Bag

If you ask me, there’s no purse that feels more fitting for the warm summer months than a woven basket bag. And because I’ve seen a slew of street style stars carrying them as of late, I can’t help but yearn for one of my own. However, after a quick click or two around the web, it seems like many of the versions these women are carrying cost a pretty penny. If, like me, you’re hoping to snag one at a more budget-friendly rate, today’s roundup may interest you.

Recently, I was clicking through images of Jane Birkin carrying her wicker basket when it dawned on me that this artisanal piece was likely available to buy on sites like eBay. I quickly entered “wicker basket bag” into my eBay search bar, and just as I thought, pages and pages of crafty vintage iterations popped up. See below for 15 of my favorites, but be warned that due to the nature of eBay, some of these may sell out! If that’s the case, simply enter your own search to see new listings for today. Happy bidding!