6 Stores to Shop If You Love Forever 21

When it comes to affordable fashion, few do it quite like Forever 21. Though you certainly need some patience to dig through all the racks in-store and links online, the payoff is huge. A runway-inspired top for less than $25? Of-the-season mules under $50? Sign us up. Of course, Forever 21 isn’t the only resource for those on-trend but (most importantly) budget-friendly pieces we love to expand our wardrobes with. In fact, there’s a handful we return to fairly regularly.

From Lulu’s to Mango, below are the stores to shop if you adore Forever 21 as much as we do. Whether you love denim or are rarely seen not wearing a floral minidress, obsessed with suiting or consider a midi skirt part of a non-negotiable uniform, these are the pieces we’re shopping from our favorite affordable fashion retailers ahead of fall, F21 included.

Forever 21

While the selection might seem overwhelming at first, Forever 21 is always going to be one of our ultimate loves when we’re looking for that ultra-affordable party dress, graphic tee, or statement skirt.


One of our favorites when it comes to a wide selection, Lulu's gives Forever 21 a run for its money, to be sure.


While Zara is slightly more expensive than Forever 21, its runway-identical selection is unmatched.

Available in sizes XS to XXL.

Available in sizes S to XL.

Front Row Shop

Every single piece from Front Row Shop is head-turning, whether it’s a pair of perfectly tailored denim, an asymmetrical button-down, or a sheer dress to wear over pants and slips—or both!

Pixie Market

With a more curated selection than some other affordable fashion brands, we love Pixie Market most for its statement tops and asymmetrical silhouettes.


A little more expensive than Forever 21 but a little more affordable than Zara, Mango has a wide range of basics and statement pieces alike.

Wild Fable

Target's latest fashion line, Wild Fable, is the stuff of '90s fashion dreams.

Shopping for fall has never been more affordable.

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