L.A. Girls Have Spring Dressing Figured Out—Here Are Their Coolest Looks
L.A. Girls Have Spring Dressing Figured Out—Here Are Their Coolest Looks

L.A. Girls Have Spring Dressing Figured Out—Here Are Their Coolest Looks

L.A. girls aren't necessarily better at spring dressing, but they do have a leg up in terms of timing. To give you an idea of what's going on over here in California, my weather app has displayed highs above 80° (yes, you read that right) five days in a row. With that kind of a head start, I expect nothing less than expert-level spring looks from West-Coast women at the moment.

Take Alyssa Coscarelli, for example. Technically, she hasn't lived in L.A. for all that long, but you wouldn't know it based on how quickly she's mastered the laid-back, SoCal style. Her recent outfits feature relaxed denim, on-trend eyewear, light cardigans, and other low-key separates from PAIGE—a California-based brand, by the way. I'm really into the no-fuss vibe she's going for this season, and I have a feeling you will be, too.

Coscarelli lived in New York for years, so I imagine that spring in L.A. looks a lot different and comes a lot earlier than she's used to. "To be honest, in New York, you really earn spring. In L.A., it's just more sunshine... You start to take it for granted," she says of the difference.

She's easing into the season with transitional pieces that feel spring ready but still make sense as the weather ebbs and flows. Think super-soft denim, light cardigans (ideally with only one button done up), heeled sandals, and casual sunglasses. PAIGE just launched its first eyewear collection, so the timing could not be more perfect. "You can't go wrong with a jeans look," Coscarelli says of this denim outfit. "These hug all the right places but are still as soft as can be."

Believe it or not, this outfit was actually inspired by Coscarelli's new hairstyle. "I recently dyed my hair and have been having fun with monochromatic looks that play with similar warm, bright tones," she says. I go crazy for a well-executed monochromatic look, so I'm excited to see this one made the cut in Coscarelli's spring outfit lineup. The different brown tones of the buttery leather pants, '70s-inspired platform clogs, and denim jacket work together in a way that feels cool without trying too hard.

This time, she opts for a sleek pair of aviator frames as her finishing touch. "I tend to gravitate toward vintage-inspired eyewear that still feels timeless, and these definitely check that box," she says.

Coscarelli is known for having quite a range in terms of her style. "Some days, I'm feeling super femme, and others I wake up wanting to dress with a bit more of an edge," she explains. These denim shorts (please note the front stitching) and this slouchy sweatshirt are an A+ example of the latter. "I love a vintage-inspired graphic sweatshirt, and you can't go wrong with black on black, even in spring," she says.

The look is accessorized with yet another pair of sunglasses from PAIGE. "I truly can't leave the house without sunglasses," she explains. I'd argue that this is because it's literally always sunny in L.A., but Coscarelli reminds me, "Eyewear just adds that little extra je ne sais quoi to an outfit." The girl is not wrong.