Spanish Brides Are Fixated on These 2019 Wedding Dress Trends

Given the scores of engagement announcements that cropped up on everyone's feeds in the last several months, it's safe to say a lot of people have weddings on the brain. I'm always curious to see what bridal styles are trending in different parts of the world, so I tapped the artistic director of Barcelona-based Pronovias, Hervé Moreau, for insight on what Spanish brides, in particular, are into right now—and the looks are wearable no matter where you live.

"In Spain, I would say the top three trends right now are lace trim, embroidery or beading, and sparkle," Moreau told Who What Wear. "Recently, I've noticed one of the most important factors for brides is a dress that is wearable and light, making it easy for the bride to feel comfortable on her special day. With this in mind, we've done a lot of research for our new collection and offer a renewed internal structure which guarantees a new lightness while still providing the perfect fit. The happiness a bride feels when finding her dream dress is a moment like no other, and with every bride being different, getting to this moment takes time and patience."

Scroll down to shop the three wedding dress trends Moreau mentioned.

Embroidery and Beading 



Pronovias Vigo Dress (price upon request)


Lace Trim 

Opening Images: Pronovias/Getty Images