I'm Heading to the Snow—11 Products I'm Bringing to Protect My Skin


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One thing about me is I have super-sensitive skin—with a touch of mild rosacea, it's very easily irritated. I've written about my skin journey countless times on here as I've tested redness-reducing products, various treatments, and sensitive skin–friendly routines. Thankfully, after much trial and error, I've zeroed in on a skincare routine that helps me maintain a calm complexion. However, we're now entering the time of year that throws a wrench in even the most well-rehearsed skincare routines: ski season.

Snowfall, wind, and chilly mountain temperatures wreak havoc on even the most even-keeled complexions, so for sensitive skin, it's basically setting yourself up for disaster. But since I don't plan on hanging up my skis anytime soon, I set out on a mission to figure out a routine that would keep irritation at bay. I tapped my esthetician (and most trusted skin advisor) Vanessa Hernandez for her advice. "My cold-weather must haves are cream cleansers, face oils, nourishing creams, and hydrating masks," Vanessa explained. "It’s all about layering! The way you would layer your clothes under a winter coat is exactly what you would want to do with your skincare—more is better. Cleanser, serum, oil, moisturize, eye cream, SPF, lip balm."

Taking her advice to heart, I focused on a few key products and unlocked the perfect layering routine to keep my skin nourished. This routine is a combination of products I apply before heading out for the day and a few I use afterward to recover from hours in the elements. So as I get ready to head to the snow for my first ski trip of the year, I thought I'd share the products that help save my skin, in case you're a fellow member of the Sensitive Skin Club or could just use some recommendations. Below are the 11 best skin products for cold weather that I would truly be lost without. 



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Caitlin Burnett
Contributing Editor