Silvia Tcherassi Is the Colorful Colombian Brand About to Blow Up in the U.S.


Silvia Tcherassi Turin Top ($670)

For many upstart brands, landing on Net-a-Porter would earn well-deserved bragging rights. But when it comes to Silvia Tcherassi, I personally think it should be the other way around: It's Net-a-Porter that should be boasting about securing an exclusive with the designer, who's armed with a staggering 25 years of experience and a cult following in Colombia and Spain (where she already has brick-and-mortar boutiques).

Tcherassi's Net-a-Porter launch in November 2017 marked the first time the brand was available on a global retailer. Since then, the family-run label has spread like wildfire, with many pieces selling out and her colorful clothes popping up all over Instagram. "Amazing—beyond our expectations," Tcherassi told Who What Wear of the reception since the launch. "The media, influencers, and customers have been very receptive. They have perfectly assimilated our concept of 'casual luxury' and now we have beautiful women around the world wearing Silvia Tcherassi pieces."

Intrigued, I recently set off for Colombia to see what the brand is all about. I was lucky enough to be hosted by Tcherassi and her team in beautiful Cartagena, where the designer runs two impeccable hotels in addition to a stunning brick-and-mortar boutique. (Side note: Is there anything she can't do?) Scroll down to read my exclusive interview with Tcherassi and shop my favorite pieces—and prepare to see a lot more of the brand in the very near future.