My Not-So-Capsule Capsule Spring Wardrobe Looks Like This

It's hard to imagine a time when you won't need a clever layering strategy to leave the house. However, spring is around the corner, and the new-in sections are currently switching coats for tea dresses. There are certain items that appear along with daffodils and lighter evenings, such as trench coats, pastels and florals. Other items, however, are a little more groundbreaking, so I'm bringing you a not-so-capsule wardrobe of all the pieces my team and I can't wait to wear this spring.

Strappy sandals are the worst thing you could do to your feet right now, and goosebumps make tricky cycling shorts even harder to style, but there are several spring buys you can already wear without sacrificing warmth. Chunky pearl earrings go with thermals and cashmere, boiler suits are perfect for layering and the Ganni denim jumpsuit below (which I own) is perfect for a particularly freezing day. Keep reading to see what we're most excited about for spring…

1. Pearl Jewellery


(Image credit: Maria Bernad)

Pearl jewellery is one the leading accessory trends for spring 2019, but we're not talking about prim strings of pearls. Designers like Alighieri and Anni Lu have rid pearls of their Stepford past by working with big chunks of uneven pearls on pendants and earrings.

2. Cycling Shorts


(Image credit: Style Stalker)

Love them or loathe them, cycling shorts are happening this spring, as power brands like Acne, Chanel and Fendi included them in their spring collections.

3. All-Beige Everything


(Image credit: Laurennicolefk)

If cycling shorts feel far too teenage for you, then this is a sophisticated trend you'll be able to get on board with. Beige is the colour of the season, promising to elevate any outfit (it looks best when worn head to toe). 

4. Hair Clips


(Image credit: @nnennaechem)

Last year, the hair clip was one of the most Instagrammed accessories of the year, and this obsession is continuing well into 2019. The more, the merrier. 

5. Satin Tops


(Image credit: Emma Spedding)

In 2018, satin slip skirts were the unofficial uniform of Brits of all ages, and this year, nice tops in this silky fabric will be just as popular. 

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6. Strappy Sandals


(Image credit: Style Memos)

The Row's naked sandals and By Far's square-toed Tanya heels sparked a return to minimalist, barely there stilettos Carrie Bradshaw wore on Sex and the City. This spring, these "floss" heels will continue to dominate, thanks to brands like Jacquemus and Isabel Marant.

7. Vest


(Image credit: Monikh)

For the past few years, when it comes to T-shirts, classic crew-neck men's tees have had no competition. However, this spring sees the return of vest tops with either a racerback neckline or simple two-inch straps. Ganni has included these in its spring collection, so this style is certain to catch on. 

8. Boilersuit


(Image credit: Hollyjone_s)

Boilersuits are another key buy for this spring, and thankfully, Topshop is already all over this trend. This £59 denim utility jumpsuit is one of the best we've seen.

9. Paperbag Trousers


(Image credit: Getty)

This street style picture was arguably the most popular outfit of 2018, so this spring, many will be reaching for a pair of neutral paper-bag trousers à la Julie Pelipas.

10. Fringed Jackets


(Image credit: Getty)

Fringing is one of the headlining trends for spring summer 2019, and we think this looks best on jackets, such as this Western leather one by Ganni.

11. Black Mules


(Image credit: Alexis Foreman)

Black backless mules—such as the above by Acne—are already proving popular with the Instagram crowd and look particularly chic when paired with all-beige outfits. 

12. Headbands


(Image credit: AnneJohannsen)

Prada included regal, lifted headbands in its spring/summer 2019 collection, instantly propelling the headband to It status. Ask yourself, What would Kate Middleton do? when deciding which to purchase. The higher the headband, the better.

13. Cardigans


(Image credit: Jeanne Damas)

Cardigans are the perfect item for in-between spring weather and look best when styled half-unbuttoned and with a pair of jeans. Thanks for the reminder, Jeanne.

14. Sheer Blouses


(Image credit: Ada Oguntodu)

You might think that you have to spend a fortune on a sheer organza blouse, but ASOS and Zara are already excelling at this spring trend, creating tops that defy their price tags.

Opening Image: Jeanne Damas

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Emma Spedding