8 Reasons Your Skin Needs Rose-Hip Oil Stat


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There is something about rose-hip oil that brings me back to my roots. I can still smell the pure oil that my Syrian grandma used on her face each night. Not only did she rely on it for its hydrating benefits, but she also claimed it was anti-aging. And she's not wrong. It's a natural source of vitamin C and retinol, and the high concentration of fatty acids and antioxidants in the oil protects skin from the inside out. It's the reason it has been so beloved for generations. And not only that, but rose-hip oil helps in the healing of sun damage, scars, wounds, and stretch marks and is a key ingredient in keeping skin clear, balanced, and glowing. That goes to show you sometimes the simplest and purest ingredient is the way to go. Read on to learn more about its benefits and uses.

What Is Rose-Hip Oil?


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Extracted from the seeds of the wild rose bush, rose-hip oil is a pure plant oil that is naturally packed with skin-loving goodness. Truly an all-in-one skin treatment for a variety of skin concerns, it's not your typical hydrating oil, but it's one of the top anti-aging oils. Rich in essential fatty acids and containing vitamins E, C, and D plus beta-carotene, the oil has a high antioxidant count that helps protect and hydrate skin, fight free-radical damage, reduce wrinkles and sun spots, and rejuvenate the skin to restore elasticity.


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"A beautiful botanical with a variety of benefits for the skin and overall wellness, it is no surprise that it has been beloved for centuries," says Casey Georgeson, the founder of Saint Jane. "A staple ingredient for the ancient Egyptians, Romans, and Mayans, it boosts collagen production and skin elasticity and is a serious hydrator, making it a wonderful anti-aging ingredient, helping to lessen/blur fine lines and wrinkles, improve the skin's moisture level, and restore elasticity to the skin."

As if you need another reason to pay attention to this product, rose-hip oil is packed with vitamin C, which brightens the skin and makes for a good supplement to boost the immune system. Georgeson adds that rose-hip oil was given to soldiers as a replacement for citrus fruits during World War II.

What's Unique About Rose-Hip Oil?


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"Rose-hip is a dry oil with a thick consistency. This means that even though it's thick, it penetrates the skin easily and quickly and doesn't leave an oily residue. It also happens to have astringent properties, which means that it actually absorbs other oils around it. These features make rose-hip seed a super-unique oil, which makes it an amazing ingredient for oily, combo, or acne-prone skin types," shares Athena Hewett, founder of Monastery. "It's also full of anti-inflammatory fatty acids and vitamins A and C, which reduce inflammation, redness, scarring, and pigmentation—so not only is it wonderful for the skin types mentioned above but also for all skin types."

See its benefits and how you can try the oil below.

1. For All-Around Healthy Skin

"Because of its rich benefit profile, rose-hip oil is one of the superpowered botanical ingredients that I blended into Saint Jane's hero product, Luxury Beauty Serum," Georgeson says. "When paired with the other 19 potent ingredients, it increases the efficacy of the serum and fights free radicals, all while nourishing and improving overall skin wellness."

"Nutrient-dense thanks to a potent cocktail of vitamins like A, B1, B2, B3, and K in sky-high concentrations, rose-hip oil is especially helpful with healing irritation and inflammation, while soothing vitamin E and anthocyanin—two ingredients that are known to calm and relieve irritation—make it a go-to ingredient for those dealing with rosacea, eczema, and other inflammatory skin issues like acne," says Georgeson.

2. To Hydrate Dry, Dull Skin

The Grown Alchemist Pure Rosehip Oil is a rare concentrate sourced from high in the Andes mountain range with an extremely high level of omegas-3, -6, and -9. Deeply penetrating, the oil is the perfect cure for super-dry skin, especially as the temperature drops.

From the clean beauty brand W3ll People, the Bio Booster Oil Drops leave the skin rejuvenated, hydrated, firm, and plump with just a few drops. It's blended with jojoba and crambe seed oils that brighten without leaving the skin greasy. I like to use them at night, but you can even add the drops to your favorite moisturizer, makeup, or SPF.

3. To Protect Against the Signs of Aging

The Wonder Valley Wonder Serum harnesses the botanical powers of sea lavender, hyaluronic acid, and bioactive peptides. In addition to rose-hip oil, its ingredient list includes castor oil, the brand's own extra-virgin olive oil, mango seed oil, and evening primrose oil.

This product contains a radiance-boosting blend of rejuvenating seed oils that promotes firmer, younger-looking skin. Rose-hip seed oil and balancing geranium oil help slow the signs of premature aging.

4. To Reverse Sun Damage and Hyperpigmentation

"I have long ago discovered the benefits of rose-hip oil. Rich in antioxidants and trans-retinoic acid, it helps reverse sun-damaged skin and pigmentation as well as acne scars," says Margo Marrone, co-founder of The Organic Pharmacy. "As with everything in life, the quality of the oil is paramount. The more orange, the more effective. If it's transparent, it's low-grade, and if it smells fishy, it's off. My love affair with it continues 20 years on."

This essential oil–free nourishing balm is full of precious ingredients that protect the skin and boost its glow. Rose-hip seed, hazelnut, rare rose extracts, jasmine sambac, and Indian tuberose fortify skin with essential fatty acids and vitamins A, B, C, and E. It also stimulates skin regeneration, repairs UV damage, and softens fine lines.

5. To Detoxify Skin

This cleanser contains an herbal compound of chamomile, sage, and Saint-John's-wort flowers and is ideal for dry and sensitive skin. Light and creamy, it's perfect to use right as you wake up and follow afterward with the brand's Tonic Soothing to clear all dirt particles and pollution buildup, aka anything and everything.

Versed's mask is an instant refresher that reinvigorates skin and boosts moisture and elasticity due to its cooling aloe leaf juice and hydrating rose-hip seed oil. Massage on the mask and rinse off after 10 to 15 minutes for your cleanest skin yet.

6. To Encourage Collagen Production

"Rose-hip seed oil is a potent ingredient in super nutrient complexes that not only has skin-healthy benefits of its own such as encouraging collagen production and improving skin tone and texture but also acts as a carrier, allowing your skin to uptake more vitamin C and other important antioxidants," says Kat Burki, founder of her eponymous skincare line.

"Two of our Advanced Anti-Aging products, Rosehip Revitalizing Serum and Rosehip Intense Eye Recovery Serum, are wonderful for daily use and especially when paired with the Rosehip Hyaluronic Lip Treatment—which just launched—to give you the full-face treatment," Burki says. "What I love about the serum is that it contains a boost of retinol, which helps to reduce uneven skin tone and fine lines."

7. To Prevent Stretch Marks

Designed for new and expectant moms, this concentrated cream contains skin-strengthening crocus bulb extract and moisturizing rose-hip and black-currant seed oil to fade the appearance of stretch marks and scars while preventing the development of future marks.

The Tummy Rub Oil from Mama Mio contains sweet almond, coconut, and rose-hip oils that relax and hydrate the skin, soothing the discomfort caused by skin stretching. It's an awesome addition to my skincare routine during pregnancy!

8. To Combat Acne

This cleansing oil does a whole lot and more. Not only does it melt away makeup (even waterproof!), but the green tea, rose-hip, botanical amino acids, and hydrangea leaf in this formula gently purify and remove sebum and impurities, which cause blemishes and blackheads. It also helps maintain the skin's protective moisture barrier, keeping it balanced and nourished.

If a cleansing scrub is more of what you're looking for, this one from Sukin is every bit refreshing and thorough, leaving the skin radiant.

Due to its rich amount of omega-3 (linolenic acid) and omega-6 (linoleic acid), rose-hip oil can effectively soften skin and improve its barrier function, particularly for those suffering from acne. This product is best used between your toner and moisturizer to keep the skin free of any dead cell buildup.

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