See North West's Fake Vogue Cover for April Fool's Day

Good one: North West got her very own Vogue cover... but it's all in good fun for April Fool's Day. [Fashionista]

Not another child star: Ryan Reynolds is "worried" that his daughter will want to go into show business. [Lucky]

Actress-turned-designer: Marion Cotillard has designed a line of jewellery for Chopard. [Vogue]

Yum: Starbucks just announced a new line of yogurt-based smoothies for summer. [Domaine]

#1 stunner: Mad Men's Christina Hendricks shares her favourite red carpet look ever. []

Gotta catch your z's: A new study reveals that the correct time to go to bed is probably not what you think it is. [Byrdie]

How to be a true leader: These inspiring acts of business leadership will spur you into action. [Fortune]

Meghan Blalock
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