The Color That Makes You Seem More Intelligent and Attractive

Now that we'e all sufficiently plunged into the depths of winter, we'd like to revisit one of our favorite fashion studies from 2015. You might remember it—the British study where they surveyed 1000 people and found that of all the colors, wearing black makes you look immediately more attractive.

While some of the other commonly worn colors also inspired attraction, the study showed that black rules in other categories too, including the fact that people who wear black are often viewed as being more intelligent. Those of us who stick to our all-black uniforms also "inspire the most confidence" in people around us. Additionally, the shade landed among the colors least likely to make people think you are arrogant.

So there you have it, folks: Not only is it okay to continue dressing in all black to cope with the cold, but also due to the dark, existential nature of life (or at least of winter)—it actually serves you to do so. Yay!

Do you find that you wear black a lot during the wintertime? Share your story in the comments, and use your newfound knowledge as an excuse to shop below!

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