The Latest It Accessory Has Nothing to Do With Fashion

If cannabis isn't already part of your personal wellness routine but you’re someone who deals with day-to-day stress and anxiety (don't we all?), this may be the one thing that's missing from your wind-down routine. If you're just starting to edge into the big wide world of weed, then Canndescent is where you want to start: The brand offers quality cannabis grown in a controlled environment, meaning you’ll have the same experience each time you use its products.

For first-timers and also for those who appreciate the packaging of the products as much as the product itself, the brand just launched their new Stylus vape pen, which looks like chic white tubed lipsticks. The vape pens offer you the same effect via oil, without the hassle or smell of smoke.

It's small and sleek so it can be carried around anywhere, no matter how mini your new favorite trendy bag is. Now the only question is which of the five strains you’ll want to try…


For restful sleep, relaxation or relief, sooth yourself with Canndescent Calm.


For when it’s time to paint, jam, code, blog, create or game.


For when it’s time to laugh, go out with friends, connect in conversations, or get intimate.


For keeping up the pace, relaxing your mind, and sailing through the day.


For when you need a little power to get off the couch, take a run, or go out for the night.

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