These Are the Most Stylish Plus-Size Outfits We've Ever Seen

“One size does not fit all,” writes Emily Zirimis of Man Repeller. When it comes to fashion, this couldn’t be truer. We all have different body shapes, and thanks to vanity sizing, shopping for clothes isn’t the easiest—especially if you’re looking for plus-size options. While many brands are coming around to offering a wider range of sizes, as one writer explains, it is still hard to shop for clothes in the plus-size category that aren’t simple basics. So what’s a fashion girl to do when her favorite high-street brands don’t offer her size?

While Zirimis may have the answer, she wants everyone to know that some plus-size girls love fashion too—and dressing the part. It’s just hard. “You may not realize it because I’m not wearing it, but being plus size doesn’t mean that I don’t have an eye for fashion. For color, for taste, for design, for strange necklines and jeans that flare out and tatter at the bottom,” she says.

As a follow-up, the passionate fashion lover teamed up with fellow Man Repeller staffer Amelia Diamond to curate some of the most stylish outfits we’ve seen, each demonstrating some serious plus-size styling power.

Keep scrolling to see some of our favorite outfits below and check out the full photo shoot on Man Repeller.

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