I Built My Friend a Cyber Monday Luxury Cart for Under $325—10 Strategic Buys

Try as I might to resist Cyber Monday deals, I nearly always fail. As a beauty editor, I don't normally shop beauty deals for myself, but I am privy to nearly every Cyber Monday beauty deal in the book. (You should see my inbox.) Since my friends know I have a bird's-eye view of every beauty deal out there for Cyber Monday, I typically spend the day fielding requests for what beauty they should buy. 

This year, one of my friends posed a unique challenge: How could she buy the most luxury beauty possible with $325? If you're familiar with luxury beauty prices, you know that some products will run you $325 or more on their own, so buying 10 separate items is a feat. Here's the curated Cyber Monday luxury beauty cart I sent her—you won't regret any of these purchases. 

I'm always on the hunt for a good liquid liner, and this razor-sharp pen from Lancôme is one of the better liquid liners I've tried. Plus, it's waterproof, so you don't have to worry about your wings smudging or smearing. 

This top-notch eyelash curler is temporarily on sale, and it's worth adding to your cart. It delivers perfectly coifed lashes that hold their curl, every time. 

A good exfoliating body bar is tantamount to soft skin. This one is also packed with ingredients like niacinamide, panthenol, and capuaçu seed butter to even, smooth, and hydrate skin while it sloughs off dead skin cells. 

If a better body lotion exists, I've yet to find it. Packed with nutrients like niacinamide, vitamin A, vitamin B3, vitamin C, vitamin E, omega-6, omega-9, and antioxidants, this body lotion makes skin supple, soft, and smooth. 

Code: JOY

We Who What Wear editors are big Olaplex fans—yes, in our opinion, it's worth it! Opt for something like the moisture mask, which works overtime to repair hair and add a blast of moisture. 

If you, like me, are a fan of the slicked-back bun, this hair spray is essential. It locks every hair into place without making your scalp feel stiff, all while imparting glassy shine. 

Armani's liquid lipsticks are cushiony, comfortable, and pigmented. Plus, they stay put for hours and hours. 

Yes, this mascara looks a little funky, but that's because it's in a league of its own. I can't imagine a mascara that works quite as well to coat every single lash (even teeny ones in the corners) and make them look quite so full and long. 


This gel foundation was a favorite on the Euphoria set. It's no surprise, since it blends in effortlessly and mimics the appearance of airbrushed skin. It's one of my all-time-favorite foundations, and it's rarely on sale. Trust me, it's worth every penny. 

Hands down, this is one of the best cold-weather fragrances out there. With notes like tobacco leaf, pink pepper, vanilla, and lemon, this fragrance is unique and incredibly memorable. 

Total: $316