5 Reasons Julia Roberts's Skin Looks So Amazing at 52

Can you believe that Julia Roberts starred in Pretty Woman way back in 1990? Well, I recently watched the classic rom-com and then stalked Roberts on Instagram afterwards and realised she looks pretty much the same. There's something about Julia Roberts that always feels so effortless. I think it's down to the fact that she's always had that "I woke up like this" air about her.

I credit a lot of that to the fact that she's always smiling, and you can't really bottle a smile. However, after spending too many hours to count with Julia Roberts (I also binged Homecoming), I wanted to know what her actual beauty routine was. So I put my investigative hat on, and, lucky, for all of us, Roberts has shared her tried and tested beauty tips that she keeps going back to.


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Keep scrolling for Julia Roberts's beauty routine and shop our top product buys to utilise her tips.

#1: She uses sunscreen on a daily basis


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On everyone's list of "should use" products, this skincare non-negotiable is also one that Roberts not only swears by but implements. She told People, "As a responsible parent with 3 kids who love to be outdoors, I rely totally on a good sunblock."

If you've been neglecting using sunscreen (no judgement here) because of the often harmful ingredients, this fine mist has over 70% organic ingredients that will also keep you protected. 

Enjoy staying active like Julia Roberts? This water-resistant, natural and broad-spectrum SPF has got you covered for all kinds of outdoor fun. 

#2: She always removes her makeup before going to sleep


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A classic tip for good reason. If a jet-setting, red carpet–going celebrity can make the time to remove her makeup every single night, so can we. 

Eye makeup remover is one product that can significantly cut your cleansing time down and Roberts is a big fan of this one.

"Bi-Facil eye-makeup remover was my first-ever Lancôme purchase. I walked up to the makeup counter at Richards department store back in the '80s, took a deep swallow and bought it," she told Hollywood Life.

After you've removed your eye makeup, go for a thorough face cleanse with this buttery beauty editor–approved balm. It will make cleansing less of a chore and one that you'll spend the entire day looking forward to.

#3: She focuses on hydration


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All skin types can benefit from an extra dose of hydration and a moisturiser isn't the only way to get there. Serums are also an effective way to deliver some moisturising actives before you layer some more hydration boosting products on top.

If you're a frequent flyer like Roberts, this is a must. "Before I get on an airplane… I pile up on the skincare products. You couldn't hug me because I would just slip right away from you,” she told Hollywood Life.

This botanical treat of a product can do no wrong, and Roberts shared with InStyle that the super-rich formula has caught her attention.

"I put it on my hands after I wash the dishes, and wind up putting it on my elbows and feet, before you know it, I've squeezed this poor little green tube into a twist," she said. We're sold.

Dehydrated skin, look no further. With two types of hyaluronic acid, the added moisture won't just sit on your skin—it'll also reach the layers under it. It's basically the skincare equivalent of splashing your face with water, every hour on the hour. Add it to your in-flight routine immediately.

#4: She doesn't overcomplicate her routine


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For a woman who probably has every single beauty brand at her disposal, Roberts chooses to keep things simple. She spoke to InStyle about her low-key approach to beauty and said, "Look, I'm happy if I have on moisturizer and ChapStick! When you're dressing three people besides yourself, something has to fall away."

Well, well, well. According to Vogue ItaliaRoberts heads to her store cupboard to mix some extra virgin olive oil with a dash of water before using it as a mask on her hair, nails and feet. This is one tip that we can all get behind. 

Julia Roberts is well-known for her radiant and contagious smile, and we love the affordable secret to her grin. Roberts told InStyle, "I brush [my teeth] with baking soda, my grandfather would put a big heaping mound of it on his toothbrush. He had only one cavity in his entire life."

If you're not a fan of the DIY approach, this whitening toothpaste with baking soda is a mess-free alternative.

#5: She's at peace with the way she looks


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Arguably, the most important piece of advice on this list. In an industry that's preoccupied with age and appearance, Roberts has often spoken about what beauty means to her. When asked by Viva about her biggest beauty moment, she said, "Trying to have some peace with the ageing process. Just realising that it's going to happen whether I like it or not."

Not only is she a champion for self-acceptance but she also credits, "Good ol' mum and dad. Genetics. That's where it starts."

When asked about botox and cosmetic surgery, Roberts gave a great response to InStyle, "I'm pro whatever works for you, for me, at this point, I'm clinging to my good genes and lots of hugs and kisses from my husband."

Husband or not, balancing your heart chakra for self-love and connection with this heady blend of essential oils will get you into this feel good to look good space.

Roberts has spoken about the importance of a good scent and she'd definitely co-sign this sandalwood and mandarin mist. "I'm into woody ones. I don't like anything overly sweet. Patchouli and earthy scents are my favourite," she told Viva.

Up next, the cult moisturisers that your favourite celebs use.

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