Here's Exactly How to Use Color Corrector for Flawless-Looking Skin


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Do you ever apply your foundation and concealer absolutely flawlessly, using shades that match your skin color perfectly, only to find that something just doesn't look quite right? Unfortunately, this happens all too often if you're experiencing any sort of discoloration on your skin (and many of us are). To remedy this, it might be time to turn to a color corrector

What exactly is a color corrector?

Color correctors may seem scary (applying green or red pigments to your face can be daunting), but they're actually pretty intuitive. "A color corrector is a product used to correct the undertone of an imperfection or unwanted discoloration on the skin that cannot be completely covered by a foundation or concealer alone," says Eddie Duyos, head of pro education and artistry for North America at Make Up For Ever. "Color correction is completely based on color theory and the complementary colors within this theory." 


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How do you choose the right color corrector for you?

Unlike other complexion products, color correctors aren't chosen based on your skin tone at all. Instead, color correctors are chosen based on the tones you're trying to cancel out. "Color correctors are designed off the color wheel and complementary colors. Complementary colors cancel each other out," says Kelsey Deenihan, celebrity makeup artist and BareMinerals ambassador.

Duyos has a quick rundown for color correcting. "For blue or gray tones like dark under-eye circles or gray to brown patches on the skin, try using a peach for light to medium skin tones or an orange color corrector for tan to deep skin tones," he says. "For acne-prone skin, rosacea with texture, dermatitis, or excessive redness, try using a green or olive color corrector. For slight or surface redness in light to medium skin tones or to reduce dullness in tan skin tones, try using a yellow color corrector."


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How do you apply color corrector?

"I tend to apply a corrector with my fingers and lightly dab over the area I’m correcting," says Deenihan. "Using my finger gives a precise application and allows me to press it into the skin as opposed to thinning it out by wiping a brush back and forth." Once you've applied your color corrector, Deenihan recommends following up with a foundation and a brightening concealer, like the BareMinerals Complexion Rescue Brightening Concealer.


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The best color correctors to try:


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