How to Pack Your Dress Shirts Like an Expert

Packing for a trip can induce a lot of unnecessary stress and mental frustration. Aside from deciding what to pack, getting down to the logistics of actually filling up your suitcase and making everything fit can often be a big headache. The worst part? Somehow arriving at your destination with wrinkled shirts and less than enough time to figure out an on-the-go laundry situation. For all the working women who travel on business regularly for meetings and conferences, packing efficiently and neatly is crucial.

Even if you don’t need to have your work wardrobe maintain a pristine condition on the fly, you can still benefit from Clutter Healing founder and owner Lili Pettit’s tips. For bulkier pieces like sweaters, T-shirts, and denim, she recommends rolling them to save on precious luggage space. For dress shirts, she says, “button all buttons before folding to avoid wrinkles. If you have the time and resources, use a flat fold traveling shirt organizer to cut down on wrinkles.” Another unexpected trick she swears by? Wrapping each shirt in tissue paper. Who knew?

Now that you know how to pack your dress shirts, shop our favorite picks:

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