How Pack a Winter Coat (Yes, It's Possible)


(Image credit: The Fancy Pants Report)

When it comes to prepping for winter travel, maximizing space is essential. Packing a single pair of boots, a sweater, and a coat can leave you with little room in your luggage. If you’re traveling from an area with warmer weather, wearing your coat on the plane can be a major drag. Luckily, there’s an expert-approved alternative to jamming your favorite outerwear into your suitcase. For those planning an excursion into colder climates, it’s well worth freeing up some space and learning how to pack a winter coat properly. Read on to see how it’s done in six steps.

1. Zip It Up

The first step in packing a winter coat is to zip it all the way up. The same rule applies if your coat has buttons or snaps. Leaving a coat unzipped is likely to make rolling and folding uneven. If you leave your coat unzipped, it might take up far more space than needed.

2. Fold the Sleeves First

Lay your coat flat on its front with the sleeves and hood extended. Then fold each sleeve backward at a natural angle, roughly parallel with the sides of the body of the coat. The sleeves should not overlap.

3. Fold It in Half

Next, fold your coat backward along the midline. You should now have a neatly folded coat. The front of the garment should be facing outward.

4. Roll It Up

Starting from the bottom of the coat, tightly roll the coat upward like you would a sleeping bag. Make sure to keep the edges straight and squeeze any excess air out of the coat as you go. Rolling tightly is essential to effectively packing a winter coat.

5. Band It Up

Using a set of heavy-duty rubber bands (hair bands will also work depending on the size of the coat), bind the rolled portion of the coat securely. Avoid using ultra-thin or flimsy bands, since these can snap in transit.

6. Stow the Coat

The final stage in packing up a winter coat is to place it in your luggage. If you’re using a hard suitcase, opt for a corner or side in order to take up as little space as possible. The same rule applies if you’re packing a duffel, where a coat can nestle along the edge and act as a buffer for more fragile items.

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