This One Item Saved My Holiday Wardrobe—And I'll Never Travel Without It


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Looking chic while travelling is an art form. Packing the right pieces is one half of the struggle, but once you've nailed that, looking put-together in your perfectly planned outfits is another feat in itself. When you've got a different climate to worry about, fancy dinners booked in, and locals to try and impress, the last thing you want is to feel less than polished with creased or crumpled clothing. That's where my number one travel item comes in: A mini spray bottle.

I discovered this little-known trick while on a work trip in Melbourne. I had a fancy dinner to attend, and had brought a black silk slip dress for the occasion. But when I unpacked it from my suitcase, it was looking way too creased for wear. So, I improvised with the below method, and thankfully, it worked. Since then, I've been on a two-week trip to New York City and used this technique almost every day to get wrinkles out of my hastily-packed clothing.

Here's exactly how to get creases out of clothes when travelling (when there's no steamer or iron in sight):

  1. Fill a travel-size spray bottle with water
  2. Hang your clothing, and give it a light spritz all over.
  3. Pull the fabric taut, and wait a couple of minutes for it to dry.

This technique worked best on my silk dresses, but also worked on my boyfriend's cotton shirts, too. The spray bottle I used was an old pillow spray one, but you can pick them up at a chemist or supermarket for a couple of dollars. Shop one below, and keep scrolling to see my go-to travel dresses.

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