5 Things to Know Before You Fly With Your Wedding Dress in Tow

So you finally decided on the dress of your dreams, the one that's all you've ever wanted and then some. Congrats! Whether it was love at first sight or it took a few tries, you are now one step closer to being picture ready for your big day. The only thing in your way? The flight to your destination wedding.

Sure, you might have everything ready to be flown there in no time, but have you thought of what do to with your beloved dress? Now that you have everything else sorted and ready, it's time to figure out how to get it from point A to point B. Don't worry, though. That's where these five tips come in, to help teach you how to fly with a wedding dress without any added drama.

Double-check with your airline.

Every airline has different rules, so be sure to call before you book a flight. Double-check the carry-on measurement restrictions to confirm whether your free-hanging dress will make it on board.

Garment bags are your BFF.

PSA: Don't stuff your wedding gown into your suitcase or carry-on. The reason you called the airline in the first place was to make sure your trusty garment bag would have no problem getting through security.

Place your garment bag in the overhead bin.

Once you're all clear and boarded, carefully place your garment bag into the overhead bin last. Try to make sure no one else sneakily stuffs anything on top of it.

Or, purchase an extra ticket.

Pricing available upon request.

If you don't want to deal with the uncertainty around the size of your garment bag and how cramped will it fly above your head, simply purchase an extra ticket for your dress. Yes, it's the most extra way, but it's the most efficient and reliable one.

You'll need a steamer.

You packed your dress, your shoes, and your jewelry, but make sure you don't forget your steamer. Despite which measures you take for flying with your dress, wrinkles will always appear somewhere. Instead of crossing your fingers and hoping there's one at the hotel or that your cousin kindly thought ahead, bring a steamer of your own to handle any last-minute wrinkles.

Safe travels to you and your dress!

Opening Image: @babba.c

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