How to Clean a Beautyblender With 3 Easy Hacks

You likely reach for it on the daily to get that flawless-looking foundation. What's more, it's a beauty tool that certainly doesn't cost that much. If you think about how often you use it, and the fact that it actually does speed up the application process, it's not only a steal but a serious time-saver. Yep, we're talking about the game-changing Beautyblender.

But the essential makeup gadget does come with one downfall. The sponge's pores tend to soak up and harbor lots of old makeup, oils, and other dirt and bacteria, which can lead to breakouts. Technically you should clean it after every use, but if you can't find the time to rinse it every day, try to give it a good wash at least once a week.

Luckily, only a few steps are needed to thoroughly clean your sponge. In fact, there are three simple, foolproof methods that don't require lots of products. All you need is a good soap, which you probably already have in your bathroom, and when you really want to really zap away the bacteria, a microwave, the latter of which blew up on Twitter last year. Users all over the world were trying out (and tweeting about) the microwave hack—with mostly positive outcomes. Vogue Australia reported on this beauty craze, too.

Ready to say goodbye to those pesky beauty sponge germs for good? Then read on for an easy-to-follow guide on how to clean your Beautyblender.

Option 1: Wash It With Soap

1. Wet the Sponge

Put the sponge under running water until it is completely soaked (and expands). 

2. Add the Soap

You can use either a bar of soap (which is a bit harsher on the sponge) or a gentler liquid cleanser, like baby shampoo, for this.

If you're using the first option, simply rub the Beautyblender against the bar until it foams. If you prefer the latter, squirt a small amount directly onto the sponge, gently massaging it in your hand to build up a lather.

3. Rinse

Last but not least, once you feel you've adequately worked the soap into the blender, rinse it under lukewarm water until it runs clear. If need be, repeat the steps once more. Allow it to air dry.

Option 2: Microwave It (Yes, Really)

1. Make a Water Solution

Make a mixture of water and soap (mild dish soap or baby shampoo works great here) in a microwave-safe bowl. Make just enough that the sponge is completely soaked under the water.

2. Soak the Sponge

Soak the makeup sponge in your soapy solution, squeezing it a few times until eventually fully submerging it in the water.

2. Microwave It

Place your bowl with the submerged sponge into the microwave and zap it for a minute. Allow the dish to cool for a few seconds before taking it out of the microwave.

The soapy water should now be filled with makeup residue, and your sponge should look as good as new.

Option 3: Use the Beautyblender Tool

1. Follow the above steps (soak the sponge in a soapy water solution), and then rub the sponge against the official Beautyblender cleansing mitt.