Are You Wearing the Wrong Sports Bra for Running?

As if shopping for regular bras wasn’t tricky enough, there’s added pressure when you’re looking for sports bras—you want it to not only look and feel good but also be super functional for your workout of choice. Could you use a little guidance? Fashionista has the best tips for finding the right sports bra, courtesy of Dr. LaJean Lawson, a researcher who works as a consultant to activewear brand Champion.

Lawson gave Fashionista the scoop on choosing a bra for a slew of sports, but we zeroed in on her tips for running bras in particular. “Look for a super-smooth bra and pay close attention to its seams and stitching,” Fashionista writes. “Will you find them irritating against your skin after a long run? Some trigger spots for friction are your shoulder blades and the base of each of your front breasts.” Lawson also told the site that she suggests women who are a C cup or larger invest in a bra with cup sizes, not generic medium or large sizes. Head over to Fashionista to see the rest of her tips for other sports, including yoga and cycling.

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