How to Burn Fat Throughout the Day With 6 Simple Changes

The phrase "burn more fat" gets thrown around a lot—it's kind of like the "get glowy skin" of the fitness world. But what does it actually mean to burn fat?

"When we think about that word 'burning' fat, it sounds like it leaves our body and vanishes into thin air,"says Julia Stern, CPT and trainer from Rumble L.A. "What's actually happening is your body is breaking down the fat and using it for energy."

Ready to learn how burn more fat throughout the day? Here are six effective tips to start using ASAP.

Eat Healthy Fats


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"Without fat, our body can't expel energy. I like to start my day with a tablespoon of pure, raw coconut oil in my coffee," Stern says. "It keeps me fuller for longer, increases brain function to focus throughout the morning, and provides me with more energy to teach classes, workout, and burn fat!"

Get Enough Sleep


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"This is a hard one for all of us, but it's essential for fat burn. Trying to get through a workout with an empty tank will exhaust the muscles, making it more difficult for your body to burn fat," Stern says. "Setting an alarm on your phone when it's time to wind down for the night, it'll help you stay on track. Try to aim for a minimum of seven hours."

Eat Raspberries

According to Jacqueline Schaffer, eat half a cup to a cup of raspberries to increase your fat burning. "They're high in fiber, which is an indigestible carb that helps the body burn more fat," she says.


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Drink Cold Water

This may sound weird, but it works, according to Schaffer. "Every fluid ounce of water equals one calorie burn," she explains. Just remember—make it cold water.



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Switch up your workout routine to include more interval training. "Think about putting your body through short periods of high-intensity punches, followed by light bounces to catch your breath for approximately 60 seconds," Stern explains.


"Supplement your workouts with strength training to increase your metabolic rate," Stern says. (And no, strength training won't make you bulky.) You don't need to get crazy with equipment, either. She says you can do basic moves, like bicep curls or push-ups, to increase your strength and help you burn fat more quickly.

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Allie Flinn