I'm the Market Director at Net-a-Porter—These 4 Home Trends Have My Approval

While we usually give you the latest insight on what's trending in the fashion space, today we're taking a look at the home sector. Temperatures are about to drop even further, so we should make sure our living spaces are up to par since we'll be spending more time inside. Don't fret—the changes don't have to be big by any means. There's no need to buy new furniture because, with the right design choices, small additions can upgrade a space instantly.

And while we consider ourselves fashion experts, we turned to Libby Page, Market Director at Net-a-Porter for the décor trends that she's thinking about right now. Net-a-Porter sets the trend with the latest designer collections and is home to a plethora of luxury home goods, so Page is a source deserving of your trust. Keep scrolling to discover and shop the chic décor items that are popping up in the homes of the style set. From luxe blankets to earth-toned ceramics, the pieces below will look great in your home.

Shades of Green



"Much like we’ve seen across our fashion categories, green dominates this year as the color of choice. Whether on walls, sofas, or accent pieces such as vases and bowls, this is the favorite hue of the year."

Natural Ceramics



"Whilst the trend didn’t start this year, organic shapes and textures on ceramics continue to be extremely popular. Warm hues on natural materials such as clay and stone are the most desired, with cream, beige, and terracotta being top choices."

Curved in Design



"This year you won’t have missed movement toward softer, rounder, and curved sofas. However, the trend doesn’t stop at furniture, with the desire for curved shapes seen across decorative accessories and even table linens with wavy edges."

Textured Soft Decor

"This year texture has become key, and we’re seeing the importance of using texture across soft furnishings. Blankets with textured patterns, such as cable knits have been popular so far this year, and we predict a strong reaction to shearling cushions as we move into the fall."

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