15 Struggles Every NYC Girl Has From Now to April

Living in New York forces you to compromise on convenience. Whether it’s lugging groceries home instead of loading them up in the trunk of your car or having to deal with a stray cockroach or mouse from time to time—it’s just harder. These struggles ring especially true in the colder months of the year, particularly in the realm of personal style. Once temperatures drop, all bets are off, and the streets of New York become a battle zone for your beloved wardrobe.

Sure, it would probably be the more productive approach to try and solve some of these dilemmas, but in the name of commiseration, we decided to round up our NYC fashion girl struggles in one place, because before you know it, winter will be in full force. Sigh.

Scroll down to see our top struggles, and please share yours in the comments! Also, if you need a new coat to stave off the cold, we suggest our Who What Wear wrap coat for $60.

Do you live in New York (or somewhere like it)? Tell us your fashion struggles in the comments.

Opening Image: Christian Vierig/Getty Images