The H&M Items I'm Kind of Panicked Over


Collage Vintage

Lately, instead of saying "Oh my gosh" or "I'm freaking out," I say "I'm panicking." You know, just another dramatic statement to add to your repertoire. Just recently, as I was online shopping, I found myself deep in the pages of H&M and found product so good, I became instantly—you guessed it—panicked. That feeling where you want everything but can realistically afford nothing quickly came over me, and I found myself in a pickle. 

The only way to calm my shopping anxiety was to round up my favorite pieces to overwhelm you as well (sorry not sorry). While scrolling, keep in mind that I am a fashion editor and tend to gravitate toward items that are extremely on trend, meaning windbreakers, woven bags, and pastels. But trust me, the basics at H&M are just as good as the trend-driven pieces are. Hopefully below you'll feel zero panic and tons of excitement as you shop the items I'm loving most from the affordable retailer.

Are you panicked too? Or was that me just being dramatic? Either way, I hope you had a pleasant shopping experience.