Under-$100 Summer Items That Will Make You Look Really Rich

We're not saying being rich is the only thing that matters in life or that if you're not rich you should do everything in your power to try to get there. All we're saying is that looking pulled together via pieces that don't look cheap (even if they are) wouldn't be the worst decision you've ever made. With that being said, whenever we come across affordable clothing that looks really expensive, we pounce—especially if it's under $100.

Thanks to this adorable hidden section we just found at Free People called Endless Summer, we are literally doing the shopping equivalent of having our cake and eating it too. Free People's Endless Summer collection is comprised of idyllic summertime pieces around or under $100. The reason we're saying these pieces will make you look richer than you actually might be is because of the quality of the material, the detailing, and the classic silhouettes. Below we shopped out the items that you'll not only be able to keep in your closet for years to come, but that will also look like they cost you way more than $100.