The Mega-Popular Home Décor Trend You Can Buy at Every Price Point

female form home decor - boob and butt designs



Nudes have been part of the art world since the beginning of time, but it seems like the female form trend is truly inescapable these days—especially in the home décor realm. I'm not the right person to school you in art history, but the trend certainly reminds me of Matisse and his iconic Blue Nudes series.

There's a seemingly limitless number of vases, candles, drawings, pillows, figurines, mugs, and other home items that have been inspired by the female body. And yes, they're ripe for Instagram fame, much like the mushroom lamp. Below, I rounded up some of the best female-form décor items on the market with plenty of options around the $20 mark, so you needn't make a huge investment to participate. 

Shop the Female-Form Décor Trend

female body vases



This candle is a top seller on Etsy. 

I'm obsessed with this sweet little vase. 

This has rave reviews on Urban Outfitters' website. 

This is also perfect for storing face masks in the COVID era. 

It doesn't get much cuter than this. 

You'll probably need to start a female-form vase collection after reading this story. 

Dress up your window sill with this petite lady. 

No butts about it: This is a great planter.

Perfect for placing on top of a stack of books.

This doubles as a piece of art and a place to hang jewelry. 

My Google search history now has a lot of boobs and butts.

These angular vases are so cute. 

Bet your bookcase doesn't have one of these yet. 

This one by cult ceramics artist Anissa Kermiche is bound to sell out. 

Pricey but definitely statement-making. 

Admit it: Your kitchen cabinet could use some sprucing up.

A celebration of love handles via literal love handles. 

This can be used as a vase, incense holder, or just as decoration. 

How adorable is this pillow cover? 

There were so many options to choose from, but this $19 cutie made my list. 

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