As It Turns Out, I Don't Need a Million Bikinis—6 Styles I'm Tossing Ahead of Summer

Swimsuits have a way of piling up in my closet. A fun trip inspires me to make a purchase, and I'm always looking for my next adventure. One thing I love about buying swimsuits is that it feels like the trend cycle is a bit slower in this department. Swimsuits that I love stay with me for years and years, so it's a great place to invest. That also means that my stash is currently quite full. It's that time of year, so I did a big clean-out this week, and I can't wait to share my findings.

Having an edited wardrobe is a must, and that rule also applies to your swimsuit collection. This year, I'm narrowing things down and rewearing my favorite styles. In terms of what I'm cutting, you'll find a recap of the swimsuits that aren't coming to summer with me and what I'm replacing them with below.

Toss: 3D Swimsuits

Buy: Minimalistic Swimsuits

Swimsuit worn by Kelsey Merritt.

(Image credit: @kelseymerritt)

Chains, bows, ribbons, random objects—throughout the years, I've collected quite a lot of trendy swimsuits that come with bells and whistles. These are the suits that never end up in my suitcase (they're bulky and draw way too much attention), so I've gone ahead and tossed them all. I most definitely won't be buying any new ones. Minimalism has run supreme over the past few years, so I'm finding excuses to buy classic styles that will stay in my collection forever.

Toss: Logo One-Pieces

Buy: Recognizable Prints

Woman on a beach in a printed bikini.

(Image credit: @emilisindlev)

There was an era where the classic one-piece looked even better with any brand's logo stamped across the chest. There are very few logos I'll make an exception for now, as I prefer recognizable prints. Burberry and Pucci are known for their unique prints, and I'll take that over a logo any day.

Toss: Tank Tops

Buy: Lingerie-Inspired Tops

Woman wearing a metallic swimsuit.

(Image credit: @jourdansloane)

I found a lot of tank top swimsuits in my swimwear collection, and a lot of them ended up in the "toss" pile. It's not the most flattering style, and I've also found it to be less supportive than the currently trending lingerie-inspired style that tends to feature underwire. I'll take a chic balconette over a cropped tank top any day.

Buy: Neutrals

Neutral bikini worn by Jasmine Tookes.

(Image credit: @jastookes)

There are some colors that hold up a little bit too much real estate in my closet, and it's because of the trendy color moments that have come into play over the past few years. One constant has been the choke hold that neutrals have had us all in. While I tossed a lot of color trends, neutrals stayed put in my collection.

Toss: Neon Prints

Buy: Two-Tone Colorways

Camille Charriere wearing a one-piece swimsuit.

(Image credit: @camillecharriere)

I used to enjoy neon swimsuits, and as the neon trend died down, that shifted into bright and forceful prints. This season, I've really combed through and tossed them all and am now looking to make a statement in a much more subtle way. Two-toned swim and contrasting lines are my new approach to announcing my presence on the beach.

Toss: Suits That Aren't Quite the Right Fit

Buy: Suits That Are Tailored to Your Body

Woman on a boat wearing a yellow bikini and colorful crochet skirt.

(Image credit: @aniyahmorinia)

Brands like Left on Friday and Triangl come to mind immediately when I think of a well-fitting bikini. Swimwear can be hard when it comes to sizing because there are a lot of things that can go wrong. A lot of suits have remained in my wardrobe because I think they're cute, but when the sizing isn't there, it's imperative that I choose to wear a different suit. It never is a good look when what you're wearing doesn't fit.

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