The Wellness Rituals You Should Definitely Adopt This Fall

Geri Hirsch, founder of Because I’m Addicted, is a proud California girl, born and raised in Los Angeles. After finishing business school and feeling unfulfilled at my her very serious first job, she started blogging in 2005 as a creative outlet and has been doing it ever since. Nowadays, she loves sharing inspiration for fashion, recipes, and a lifestyle that feels good and is full of balance (think red wine with a side of dry brushing). You can find her and her wellness-obsessed husband in L.A., traveling, listening to old records, and planting in their organic garden. We’re thrilled to have her on as a contributor for THE/THIRTY, where she’ll be sharing her health, diet, and wellness pointers each month.

Plaid blazers and pumpkin spice lattes might be getting all the attention at the moment, but my favorite thing about fall extends past fashion and foam. Fall is—without a doubt—the best time of year to hone in on your self-care game. With the start of the new season and summer events in the rearview mirror, it’s a time for focusing internally. Here are seven wellness rituals I’m dying to get started with.

Dry Brushing


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My dry-brushing game is pretty strong year-round, but fall is the time to ramp it up. I take my entire beauty system up a notch once cooler winter hits since my skin tends to freak out. Dry brushing daily lets my skin stay renewed, and the anti-inflammatory perks don’t hurt either.

Body Butter and Oil

I’m a body-oil girl in the summer, but come September, I double down on moisture. Seconds after I step out of the shower, I lather on one of my favorite body butters. Then, I apply a thin layer of my favorite oil on top. Hydration heaven!

(And Coconut Oil for My Nails)


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Still talking about oil over here. I’m obsessed with applying coconut oil to my nails to help my cuticles stay healthy. It’s incredibly moisturizing and the ideal way to treat your hands and feet. Plus, I’m a big fan of going bare (talking nails, people!), and this helps to keep my nails looking nice, even sans color.

Meditation Corner


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During summer, I tend to meditate from bed or outside on my patio. But since fall brings darker mornings (aka I’d fall right back asleep…) and a chill in the air, I love creating a cozy meditation corner in my house—complete with crystals, a comfy pillow or blanket, candles, and all the zen. It’s a beautiful way to start your fall days.



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One of my absolute favorite parts of fall? It’s bath season! To warm up and wind down, I enjoy taking nightly baths. A little Bon Iver, a detoxifying bath salt, a couple drops of lavender essential oil in the bath and in a diffuser, a clean face mask, and a hot cup of tea is my happy place. Try it!

My Gratitude Journal


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As we turn inward during fall, it’s an amazing time to remember all that we’re grateful for. I make it a daily habit (morning and night) to write in my 5-Minute Journal. It’s a dummy’s guide to gratitude and journaling, so there’s no pressure to be pro but plenty of room to let your heart expand.

Cold Dunking

Tony Robbins and Miranda Kerr swear by this, so you know I’m game. Whether by jumping in a cold pool or turning your shower’s temp way down before you get out, I try to get involved with cold water daily. Morning is my favorite time to do this, as the practice is ultra invigorating.

What self-care practices are you tucking into this fall?


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