It's the Busiest Time of the Year—Here's How to Prioritize Self-Care

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NYC-based style blogger Jessica Torres’s Instagram feed is a vibrant kaleidoscope of bold patterns, fat activism, colorful beauty looks, very fun shoes, and hilarious memes. ("I live for the fashion drama, but most importantly, I live for a funny video,” she notes.) Born in Ecuador and raised in the Bronx, she’s been creating content online practically nonstop for 10 years, amassing a dedicated following and collaborating with some of the coolest indie fashion labels along the way.

As a freelancer, she never knows what a given workday will look like, but she’s always busy, and she’s learned to prioritize self-care accordingly. "My definition of self-care has evolved as I’ve gotten older,” she explains. "I thought it was just putting on a face mask while watching a good movie and ordering in. But now I see that it’s also doing the things you’ve been avoiding, like making that doctor’s appointment or answering that email—and then making yourself a lovely dinner and making sure you stimulate your brain.”

As we head into the merriest (read: busiest) season of them all, she’s sharing how she’s tweaked her everyday routine to prioritize taking care of herself, from journaling and cooking more to always keeping her go-to Olly supplements on hand.


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When her alarm rings every weekday morning, Torres is up and ready to take on the day. "Though no day in my life is ever the same, I do have a formula that allows me to feel like there’s a routine,” she says. "Every day, I do an activity that makes me feel good.” That can mean everything from taking her vitamins to picking out a ’fit that makes her smile.


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From there, it’s time to get down to business. "When I began creating content full-time, I realized that no day would ever be the same ever again,” she says. "One day, I stay glued to my laptop cuddled with my pups till it’s late. The next day, I’m running around NYC in meetings or trying on new brands or trends to bring to my audience.”


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Wherever her workday takes her—like going to a new store opening—there’s always one supplement you’ll find in Torres’s bag: Olly’s Ultra Strength Brain Softgels ($25). "For the past week or so, I’ve been taking them regularly,” she says. "I love how aware I am and how much less brain fog I have when I take them—I don’t get as distracted when I’m working on a task.” Torres finds this especially helpful when she's networking at a press event or checking out a new store. 


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At the end of a long day, Torres loves journaling or reading, and she makes a point to always cook dinner at home. "I’m trying not to order out as much, and I’m currently on day 60 of not ordering out,” she says. "That’s a win for me!” (And it's an inspiration for us all.)


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Growing up, Torres was a heavy sleeper. "There was an ongoing joke in my family about how my sisters and I could sleep through anything,” she recalls. "But as I’ve gotten older, it’s gotten harder to stay asleep all night. I’m lucky if I get five full hours of sleep now. Work, family, and social stress because of how the world is going can make it harder for me to stay asleep.”

That all changed when she tried Olly’s Sleep Blackberry Zen Gummies ($14). "For the past few weeks, these have literally lived on my nightstand,” she explains. "Since I started incorporating the gummies, I know I can guarantee myself a good night of sustained sleep. I told my sisters, and they ordered them as well. I’m literally buying them as gifts for the holidays for my friends and family members who are having a hard time sleeping.”