Dua Lipa's Summer Style Is Almost Making Me Cry Because It's So Good

I've been a fan of Dua Lipa from the very beginning. Partly because of her fashion sense, and partly because my best friend would murder me if I didn't partake in his unwavering obsession. (It's called friendship—look it up.) I love how willing she is to experiment with up-and-coming brands and designers while somehow managing to always be one step ahead of the trend curve. Dua was rocking brands like I.AM.GIA, Dyspnea, and Marianna Senchina before the rest of the world knew about them, and for that, I love her even more.

While Dua's style has been killing the game since day one, her summer 2018 style has been off the charts. Think of every cool item, designer, and trend imaginable right now, and Dua has worn it. We're talking neon separates, Jacquemus mini bags, and more. Since my fangirl nature is no secret, I decided to dissect my favorite Dua summer outfits for you here, accompanied by the pieces you'll need to re-create her looks… if you want. Not sure why you wouldn't, but I digress.