20 (Actually Cool) Craft Kits to Do This Bank Holiday

At the beginning of this year, if you had told me I would be including a crochet kit and a jigsaw in one of my Who What Wear shopping stories, I wouldn't have believed you. But not much of 2020 has gone as we all would have predicted back in January. Our editors are still keeping you updated with dress edits and our insights on the trends impacting our wardrobes, of course, but my own personal shopping list has broadened this month, and so I felt like I had to do a more, erm, crafty edit to reflect my own browsing. Instead of looking at shoes and dresses, I'm finding myself eyeing up pasta-making machines and crochet sets.


(Image credit: HannaStefansson)

As many are looking for things to do at home other than watch Normal People and make banana bread, there has been a surge in interest for crafts and activities you can quickly pick up at home. So if you want to try and pick up a new hobby, below you'll find plenty of things to keep you occupied this bank holiday weekend.

Partnerships Editions has launched a set of collage kits and has Instagram live sessions each week with its resident artists if you want to try drawing or painting. If you want to keep things more fashion-related, Wool and the Gang does amazing knitted and crochet kits that are even manageable for beginners. 


(Image credit: HannaStefansson)

Keep scrolling for our edit of the things to keep you occupied this bank holiday. 

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Emma Spedding