15 Shoe Brands Not Enough People Are Talking About



We recently did a comprehensive story on 20 brands to know before everyone else this year, and frankly, you guys loved it. So we decided to turn this concept into a franchise. Since we kicked off the series with cool brands in general, our next stop on our under-the-radar brands tour is shoes—you wear them every day and they are probably an item in your closet you regularly invest in, plus they are really pretty. 

Ahead, we've gathered 15 fresh and cool brands we feel not enough people are talking about but will be soon. You know us, we love to keep you up to speed on the latest and greatest in this industry, and under-the-radar brands are no exception. We know you pride yourself on wearing a brand none of your friends have heard of before, and we are here to support you in that. Because if we know you as well we think we know you, being the first to know about something while simultaneously supporting an up-and-coming designer are two things that bring you the utmost pleasure in life, and stripping you of that would be a crime. With that said, we bring you the shoe brands we need you to start talking about ASAP.