This Denim Trend Is Going to Be Very Controversial

Sometimes the best fashion trends are met with initial hesitance, even by the fashion elite. Thanks to Vogue, we're about to introduce you to one of those very styles. We know some people are going to be skeptical, but we're honestly really excited about it, so we're just going to get straight to it.

Meet Ksenia Shnaider, a Kiev-based designer who is about to take the denim world by a storm. She coined a two-in-one style known as "demi-denim," which Vogue describes as reminiscent of wearing culottes over a pair of skinny jeans. It's a lot like the dress-over-pants trend we saw resurge on the streets last year, only a whole lot bolder. We have a feeling this trend is going to be similarly polarizing. Whether you love it or hate it, the fact that it has Vogue's stamp of approval is a pretty big deal. Oh, and it has ours, too.

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