We Style Magazine Covers—Here's What We Think About This Season's Wildest Trends


If the fall runways were about wearability, then spring provided the exact opposite. From offering nipple-exposing knits to getting rid of pants entirely, the spring/summer collections brought with them plenty of controversial and daring trends to chew on. Some have taken off in unexpected ways. For instance, completely sheer dresses are shaping up to be a defining trend of the summer, and denim bags and shoes are just about everywhere.

While we're still digesting some of the season's more out-there themes, we turned to three experts already intimately familiar with what spring's best fashion has to offer. Collectively, Alexander-Julian Gibbson, celebrity stylist; Natasha Royt, stylist; and Vivienne Sun, senior fashion editor of Vogue China, have styled dozens of the industry's most high-profile covers. Their creative work has been seen on everyone from Fei Fei Sun to Gigi Hadid to Idris and Sabrina Elba. Working on such high-profile cover shoots, they've also had the opportunity to get up close and personal with spring's most pivotal runway looks before anyone else. With so much access to the best clothes, it's safe to say their opinions are well informed.

To read their unfiltered opinions on the season's most controversial and divisive trends (and to shop them for yourself), keep scrolling below.


Alexander-Julian Gibbson: "I am always going to vote yes for denim on denim. Every time this trend reemerges, designers and fashion enthusiasts find new and exciting ways to do it—like Glenn Martens does things to denim that I didn't even know were possible. It reminds me of that iconic Simpsons episode where Marge works and reworks that Chanel suit until she's basically wearing a Chanel miniskirt and bikini top. LOL, I'm not sure if that's how it really happens, but that's how I remember it."

Vivienne Sun: "Pass."

Natasha Royt: "I'm originally Canadian, so you got me!"

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AJG: "Yes. We love skin, and we love the confidence it takes to show skin. I love seeing this trend on different body types as well." 

VS: "Love!"

NR: "My personal philosophy on life is that we shouldn't impose suffering on ourselves or others, so if you can honestly figure out a way to do that wearing this trend, then go for it!"

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AJG: "An extension of the Y2K trend, so I love this. I feel like we always need more sunglasses shapes."

VS: "I always want to try this."

NR: "Yes! It’s always fun to play with new trends via small accessories that can totally update your whole look without breaking the bank!"

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AJG: "Hmm, I'm not sure. I think I need more data on this one."

VS: "For sure."

NR: "Maybe. Don't get me wrong—I love to promote the versatility of a granny panty (especially the look with hosiery), but I'm not too sure where you would wear this trend IRL. Or at the very least, wear it with a long coat!"

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AJG: "I want to be a hater and not like it, but I actually love it. I like seeing the new generation's take on this era of style. I love seeing the generation of people who were kids and broke teenagers during this era give their elevated and well-financed spins to these nostalgic styles."

VS: "This is my everyday style!"

NR: "This was super fun the first time around, and to a small degree, I'm happy to revisit this trend for a hot second this summer. Sheer mesh and cargos, yes, but the low-rise-pants situation is a hard no."

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AJG: "Love this. Also, I love it on guys. It feels like an easy way to tap into the skirt trend without doing a deep dive, which I'm also into, to be honest."

VS: "Love!"

NR: "It's very tricky to get this right without looking like you're trying too hard. If it doesn't feel easy-breezy, this look is probably wearing you."  

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