Time for a Mood Booster: 30 Under-$100 Spring Pieces That Are Just Fun


(Image credit: @nitsanraiter)

Spring has officially sprung, and the entire fashion world is fully embracing the season. It appears that fashion people everywhere are ready for color, prints, and pops of texture. This era of personality pieces, better known in the sartorial world as dopamine dressing, is characterized by mood-boosting styles with an air of fun. And as much as I love black and neutrals, I'm 100% here for this shift toward sunnier styles after months of muted colors.

I took it upon myself to scour the internet for fun pieces at affordable prices—because adding a bit of flair to your spring wardrobe doesn't need to cost you your entire paycheck. Our favorite brands are all in on dopamine dressing, offering everything from metallic crochet to neon florals. One scroll through their current offerings is virtually guaranteed to boost your mood. From the $89 dress that's already breaking the internet to the neon Zara sandals sure to spark endless outfit ideas, these are the 30 best colorful and affordable fashion items out there now. 

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Caitlin Burnett
Contributing Editor