If You Don't Own at Least One of These 2 Iconic Perfumes, You'll Break My Heart

It should come as no surprise that the editors at Who What Wear love a fragrance moment. Some of us have been lifelong fans. Some of us were late to the party. And some of us (myself included!) have never been able to nail down a signature scent. Finding a fragrance that speaks to all sides of my personality is stressful enough. But asking me to commit to wearing it every single day? That's a meltdown I'm not willing to have.

That's probably why I feel so connected to Carolina Herrera, a brand that makes fragrances with a unique blend of notes, all of which seem like total opposites on paper, but in reality, they create a perfectly balanced mixture that speaks to all sides of my personality. For example, the original Good Girl Eau de Parfum ($103) combines tuberose and cocoa and smells sultry, warm, and spicy while Very Good Girl Eau de Parfum ($112) uses a mix of rose and vetiver, which is fruity, playful, and even sexy. We need more scents that celebrate everyone's unique facets, but for now, my lovely co-workers and I are dishing on what we love most about these two special scents from Carolina Herrera.

Aniyah Morinia, Associate Editor 

"Until about a year ago, I reserved fragrances for special occasions only. But I think that's because I never found a scent that I liked enough to spritz on before I jet out the door every day. Now, I find myself using Good Girl multiple times throughout the day because I'm just that obsessed with the smell."

"I love this fragrance because it's a signature scent, and not all fragrances can do that. It's magnetic, and it follows you into every single room you enter. Not to be dramatic, but it makes me feel unstoppable. I live in a big city, and there's something about an iconic fragrance that helps me radiate confidence in a sea full of people. Regardless of where I am, I know I can feel like the most confident and powerful version of myself if I'm wearing this. I get hints of jasmine, which I tend to gravitate toward when buying new fragrances. It's not too sweet or floral, but it isn't too strong or musky, either. It's the perfect balance of strong, captivating, and feminine."

Anneliese Dominguez, Fashion Editor 

"Ever since I was young, I've been obsessed with fragrances. My mother wasn't a perfume wearer, but I remember when I first discovered the perfume section while walking through a department store, and I've never looked back. I don't have a signature scent because I like switching mine up based on my mood, the season, or the occasion."

"The scent is very powerful and feminine. It smells like confidence in a bottle. But honestly, when I saw that the bottle was red, I immediately thought that it would be too bold of a scent for me. (I associate red with an intense energy.) And while the fragrance is intense, it's also warm, inviting, and not too harsh. I smell a hint of rose, which I always love in my fragrances, and there's an undertone of vetiver, which is actually a new favorite of mine. It has a warm, musky vibe that I like. Also, the stiletto-shaped bottle is a winner for my beauty cabinet."

Caitie Schlisserman, Beauty Director 

Caitie Schlisserman's Carolina Herrera Good Girl fragrance review



"I've always considered myself a fragrance polygamist. It's actually super challenging to find one perfume that encompasses all the different parts of myself! Just like my outfits, my scent really needs to match how I'm feeling on any given day. It's like an invisible accessory that helps me express myself without having to speak."

Caitie Schlisserman's Carolina Herrera Good Girl fragrance review



"There are so many reasons why I'm really feeling this scent. Aside from the bottle being a work of art, it's the perfect combo of flavors that helps accentuate all sides of my personality. It smells sultry and warm and feels spicy. Jasmine and tuberose hit my floral needs perfectly, and almond adds something sweet and velvety while cocoa and tonka bean give it just the right amount of edge. I feel like you can really wear this scent anytime, anywhere, and in any mood."

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