3 It Girls Spill Their Skincare Secrets

When you work in the media business, there’s a lot of pressure to have healthy, glowing skin. You’re hitting the pavement representing your work at countless dinners, board meetings, and celeb interviews, so it’s crucial to look the part. The only problem? All those events and meetings leave little time to actually devote to caring for your skin.

Knowing our readers face this same issue in their own busy lives, we sat down with three editors across fashion, beauty, and lifestyle (all with some pretty killer skin mind you) to get their skincare secrets, confessions, and favorite products, including Origins Plantscription Anti-Aging Power Serum ($59). One major takeaway—it’s not how much time you spend caring for your skin that counts, but rather establishing a routine that works for your unique skin type and lifestyle that ultimately leads to transformation.

Read on to learn more about our editors’ skincare routines.