I Asked Our Editors to Choose Their #1 Tatcha Product—Here Are Their Favorites

The best Tatcha products



There are certain brands whose fans are so dedicated and enthusiastic that they reach cult status. Clean skincare brand Tatcha has reached this level (and then some). Inspired and informed by Japanese beauty practices, Tatcha works with scientists in Japan and the U.S. to create gentle, yet effective formulas. Incorporating the trinity of superfoods credited with Japanese longevity—green tea, rice, and algae—Tatcha focuses on clean, minimal formulas that are good for your skin. 

Obsessed doesn't even begin to describe the passion their customers feel about Tatcha's products. One scan through its website and you'll discover many of the brand's best sellers have thousands of glowing reviews. The brand's less-is-more approach to skincare is one of the reasons Tatcha has developed such a dedicated fanbase, and even our editors aren't immune to the allure (hey, we're only human).

Since diving into any new brand can be overwhelming, especially one that has so many hero products, I decided to ask our editors to share their favorite Tatcha products. I also took a scan through their reviews to highlight the top products according to customers and share some of what they're saying about each one. Below are the best Tatcha products, according to both our editors and reviewers. 

What editors are saying:

Allyson Payer, Senior Editor
The best Tatcha products, according to editors



"This is tough because I honestly love everything I've ever tried from Tatcha, but I really can't stress enough how much I love the sunscreen. I ran out of it recently and every time I put a different sunscreen on my face, I wish it was the Tatcha one. It feels like literal silk going on and melts right in. And it works like a dream under makeup. It's pricey but you won't regret the splurge—trust me."

Sarah Yang, Beauty Editor
The best Tatcha products, according to Who What Wear editors



"This was the first Tatcha product I tried, and it made me fall in love with the brand. I got a sample of it from Sephora and used it when I was going through a bout with extreme dryness and irritation and it just felt so heavenly on and really helped soothe my skin. The rich cream is luxurious but not greasy or too heavy, and it absorbs quickly. It's one of my top moisturizers I keep on rotation––my skin always looks and feels plump, hydrated, and radiant."

Erin Fitzpatrick, Senior News Editor
The best Tatcha products, according to editors



"This is such a convenient product. I use it all around my eyes and it glides on so smoothly while moisturizing well. Since I'm both lazy and a germaphobe, it's pretty much my perfect solution since I can apply it without needing to wash my hands (for the millionth time)."

Caitlin Burnett, Contributor
The best Tatcha products, according to editors



I have sensitive skin so I need to be careful with my product choices, and The Water Cream has never done me wrong. It's ultra-moisturizing, has a silky feel, and looks great under makeup. Plus, I've been trying to move towards a clean beauty routine and I love that this one is free from questionable ingredients. 

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With over 1000 positive reviews on Tatcha's website, this one is a clear winner. Here's what one glowing reviewer had to say: "This is by far the simplest and best make-up remover I have used. It completely removes my waterproof eye liner and mascara and then rinses away. My skin feels great, and my face is ready for the next step. I have given this to family members, and they love it, too."

"Absolutely obsessed with this product! My biggest struggle is having my skin look dry after I put my makeup on. Tatcha's Luminous Dewy Skin Mist keeps my skin looking hydrated and glowing with makeup on! A true necessity to have in your purse during a long day to keep your makeup looking fresh!" says one Tatcha reviewer. 

"I bought this essence after reading the reviews but still wasn't sure. I can't believe how smoother my skin is now after just 2 weeks of using this product… I'm not sure what it does but my skin looks like a baby skin after using this! All dryness, redness… are suddenly gone! I'm in love!" writes one Sephora reviewer. 

"Best mask ever," says one Tatcha reviewer. "This mask not only cleanses your skin and cleans out your pores but it leaves your skin feeling so smooth and bright! The Violet-C Radiance Mask left my skin looking so incredible I didn't even need makeup!"

Everyone is washing their hands more, which inevitably means dry hands. This will fix that. 

"One hundred percent love this product! Amazing how this product makes my skin very glass like. Love admiring my face after a couple of hours, because I can't see my pores and it flawless. A little bit of powder goes a long way, and you don't need a lot of other products to set using this silk powder" says another happy Sephora customer. 

"This stuff is life-changing. I've never had a fantastic complexion but this is a game-changer. I've been using it for two years and it has improved the texture (smoother) and tone of my face. It’s definitely a must-try and a little goes a long way" writes a Sephora customer. 

One satisfied Tatcha reviewer says "This makes my skin appear perfect. I love how after using Tatcha products, my cystic acne almost disappears and I have received several comments about my skin glowing. I feel confident using these products and will forever buy from Tatcha!" 

Over 1900 reviews can't be wrong. One particularly happy customer said "I don't know how else to describe this product other than amazing. It is what originally drew me into Tatcha, and if I never use another primer, it'll still be too soon. I have extremely sensitive skin, and this primer does the job of hydrating my skin, protecting my makeup, and feeling awesome!" 


"My skin happens to be the most oily skin in the world I guess. I was having great difficulty in finding a right product to use on my face. I read reviews about Tatcha and decided to give it a try and voila it worked. Tatcha Deep Cleanser not only has balanced the production of oil on my face, it has also helped in minimizing my pores" writes one reviewer. 

"I'm 34 and using this for prevention. I have noticed that the skin around my eyes is a little firmer and brighter after using for a month. I like that this eye cream doesn't have a strong fragrance, so it works for my sensitive skin."

"Kind of pricey but worth every penny. A little bit goes a long way. My skin is softer than it has ever been. This is the only moisturizer I have found to be moisturizing but does not clog my pores. 10/10!"

One reviewer on Tatcha's website says "The Rice Wash is sumptuous in every way—a thick formula that foams up beautifully in water; great scent; and most importantly, leaves my skin feeling clean and smooth and gorgeous, even before the rest of my routine! A little goes a long way, so even with twice-daily washes this ought to last you a little while." 

"Best lip product I've ever used. I have chronically dry lips and have tried everything under the sun to heal them and this product has blown everything else out of the water!" writes one reviewer. 

This is a velvety-soft primer that will make your foundation go on beautifully. 

"Phenomenal. Best serum I've ever used. I have cystic rosacea and large pores. It has calmed my rosacea to almost nothing after about three weeks' use. Highly recommend and I will never not have this in my arsenal" says one Sephora reviewer. 

According to the product description, this product "combines Okinawa red algae with seven botanical extracts to restore hydration, refine texture, and visibly plump lines while you sleep." 

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