The Affordable Brand I Shop to Look Like I Spent More Than I Did

Whenever a trend surfaces that I'm not necessarily 100% committed to but still want to try, I always beeline for one of my favorite affordable brands. That way, if I'm over it by the next year (or, let's face it, the next month), I can move on with no regrets.

One of the places I always look for trendy pieces that won't break the bank is Mango because its clothes and accessories always look and feel way more expensive than what's on the actual price tag. I'm currently all over the animal-print and Western-inspired items available, but I'm also eyeing the luxe-looking basics. Even better, my current Mango faves are all under $100, meaning I won't have to narrow down my shopping cart one bit. Want in? See all of the affordably priced items I'm buying to look like I spent way more this fall.

Now that you know the best under-$100 to buy from Mango, see how more of my favorite pieces from the brand look IRL.