The 15 Beauty Products That Hold Me Over Between Botox Appointments

Valeriya wearing makeup and a scarf

(Image credit: @valeriyaliyevna)

If you're into the world of neurotoxins (think Botox, Dysport, Jeuveau, and, my favorite, Xeomin), you'll know that it's advisable to re-up every three to four months to maintain the best results. However, that type of frequency can get pretty expensive, so I try to prolong the effects of my in-office treatments for as long as possible in between sessions.

I always do my very best to find skincare products that cover the day-to-day maintenance (cleansing, hydration, protection, etc.) while having additional skin-improving benefits. Whether it's a rejuvenating face mask or a hydrating serum, I like to choose skincare products and ingredients that are designed to enhance my skin's inherent radiance, rev up collagen production, and keep my complexion moisturized and clear. Thankfully, I've worked in beauty for close to nine years, and I've finally found the ideal regimen that helps me go longer between Botox appointments. With these 15 beauty essentials as my skincare companions, flawless skin is super attainable. Keep scrolling for all of my favorites.

The 15 Beauty Products That Get Me Through Between Botox Appointments