2024 Is the Year of Bold Glam—3 Easy Makeup Trends I'm Tapping Into

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Twenty-twenty-four is the year that maximalism takes center stage in the beauty space again. Minimalistic no-makeup makeup looks reigned supreme in 2023, but bold beauty is back. We're wearing eye shadow again, and I don't mean just one shade on the lid. We're mixing colors, applying more products than we ever have, and relying on tutorials to achieve the most intricate and interesting looks. Buckle up—this resurgence is going to make for a year full of endless inspo, and we're starting with three looks courtesy of Who What Wear's senior manager, Lauren Palacios. I've never had a conversation with Lauren without complimenting her gorgeous skin or asking about which products she's wearing. "Makeup and skincare have meant so much to me for so long, and any chance I get to showcase my talents, I will do just that," she says. I picked her brain for the trends she's seeing and loving right now. Her beauty collection is vast, but lately, SHEGLAM has become her go-to, which isn't shocking. The brand is the best for testing trends without gasping at your credit card statement. If you want to see the beauty trends on her radar so far, keep scrolling.


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Is there anything more satisfying than applying the perfect wing on the first try? While you try to come up with an answer, I'll be studying Lauren's technique and mastering the art of a bold-liner look. "I've always loved the '90s clean cat eye and the flawlessness of the late 2010s highlight and contour foundation," Lauren says. The beauty here lies in the combination of trends from two time periods that create a look that feels so 2024. "Makeup, just like clothes, isn't one-size-fits-all," Lauren says.

Pro tip from Lauren: "I always start at the outer corner of my eye, dragging the liner out slightly to begin creating my desired look before dragging it across my eyelid toward the inner corner. Remember to start with a thin wing because you can always make the look more exaggerated."


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"If you know me, then you know a classic cat eye, blush, and a neutral lip with brown lip liner and gloss are basically my personality," Lauren says. This is the flawless look that has everyone wondering how she achieves her glow. But Lauren took it up a notch and used not one, not two, but three of SHEGLAM's most pigmented and viral blushes to achieve that flushed blush look that we're seeing on every red carpet this season. Lauren claims "the blush glides on your skin like butter," which makes for a seamless blend that catches the light (and everyone's attention).

Pro tip from Lauren: "Apply the product directly to your skin using the applicator. Then blend it out with your desired makeup tool. I prefer a brush because I think it gives me a bit more control and blends the product seamlessly onto the skin. Remember that there is such a thing as too much blush."

Beauty Editor Wears Ombre Lip Trend

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Lips may be the last step in your makeup routine, but they're the finishing touch that you pay the most attention to once you're out the door, especially if you're tapping into the signature ombré-lips trend of the '90s. Ombré lips require a lip liner and your gloss or lipstick of choice, with your liner as the darkest shade and your gloss as the lightest. Lauren used the Glam 101 Lipstick and Liner Duo, which she described as "pigmented and full" and perfect for on-the-go touch-ups. As someone who "desires a premium beauty experience," Lauren "appreciates SHEGLAM's dedication to not only quality packaging but also quality products."

Pro tip from Lauren: "Always start by applying a darker lip liner to the natural curve of your lip line. From there, you'll want to apply a lighter shade on the center of your lips, blending the liner and lipstick with your finger or a smaller makeup brush for a seamless application, making sure not to overlap the products. Top it off with your favorite gloss, and you're done!"


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